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Rachel’s Top 5 BuzzFeed Articles of the Week

Collegiettes, although spring break is over, Rachel’s Buzzfeed Top 5 Articles are BACK! This week we have funny texts, Seth Cohen and Disney Stars

  1. 24 Texts You Don’t Want To Get From Your Parents

You know you have gotten them, they funny parent text, but some of these are just crazy funny! 


  1. 25 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

It’s very possible that coming back from spring break you are stressed out about school, finding a job or internship, or just missing your warm cuddly bed at home. BuzzFeed obviously understands us because they posted this great article with 25 says that will make you feel great about yourself. HEY YOU, YOU’RE AWESOME!!

  1. 37 Reasons Seth Cohen is the Perfect Boyfriend

Remember The OC? What am I saying – of course you do! Seth Cohen was the geeky, lovable, Summer-lover and we loved him for that! He is the perfect boyfriend, so Summer, step aside.


  1. 11 Disney Stars Who Shed Their Wholesome Images

Although these girls and guys started out on the Disney Channel being the bubbly teenagers we aspired to be, they have since morphed into adults who are leading some interesting lives now.

  1. 31 Very Important Way To Land The Perfect Kiss

I am sure by now you have perfected how to kiss, but this post is just too cute. Who doesn’t love advice and puppies kissing one another?

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