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Rachel’s Top Buzzfeed Articles of the Week


1)      The Most Expensive Places to Buy Everything

Studying abroad can be a great time to grow in your college life, and more importantly, is so much fun. Yet, if you go to Oslo, you will be paying $10 for a Starbucks latte, where in the U.S. it costs around $4. Check out these other items that are super expensive abroad!


2)      20 Pairs of Uggs That Will Destroy Your Faith in Humanity

Okay, I will admit it, I own Uggs. Although they are the UGGliest pair of shoes I own, they are so freaking comfortable. Yet, these 20 pairs of Uggs, are by far the cheesiest, most absurd ones I have seen thus far; and I have seen the Ed Hardy version in person!


3)      The 29 Best Comfort Foods On The Planet

Had a bad day? Is it that time of the month? Or are you just in the need for warm, comfy, quick and easy food. These foods have to be some of the most comforting one you can choose from.


4)      Boston Marathon Tragedy Met With Unbelievable Acts of Kindness

For those who don’t know Bentley, we are approximately a quick 20 minute drive outside of Boston. Therefore, when hearing about the despicable tragedy Monday, it truly hit home with many students here. After seeing this BuzzFeed article that compiles some of the heroic members of the Boston community helping out others, I felt it was imperative to share.


5)      20 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is  A Huge Waste Of Time

I personally go to the gym on a regular basis. Yet, half of the time I am personally convincing myself for hours to just go. Sometimes it seems like it is not even worth it. Here are some conclusive reasons of why to sit on the couch and eat ice cream.



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