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Product Review: ColourPop Super Shock Highlighters

In my opinion, highlighter is a beauty product that completes every makeup look. Once I started using it, applying highlighter became an essential part of my makeup routine. The ColourPop Super Shock Highlighters are some of my favorites, and they are extremely affordable, which is a nice bonus. The two shades I own are “Lunch Money” and “Flexitarian”, the latter being my favorite shade. These products are similar to a cream as they are soft to the touch and in my experience apply best with a beauty sponge or your finger. The highlighters give a natural yet noticeable glow without looking like there is glitter on your cheekbones. They are also versatile and can be used on many different skin tones and skin types. My skin tends to be sensitive and reactive to certain products and with these highlighters I have had no issues. If you’re looking for a highlighter that is affordable but still gives an intense glow, the ColourPop Super Shock Highlighters are worth a try.


Sarah Donlan

Bentley '21

I am currently a senior at Bentley University, majoring in Accounting and minoring in CIS. My favorite articles to write are about makeup as well as productivity tips. 
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