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Post Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is over and done with for Bentley students, we had such an early spring break and now we’re moping around Instagram spitefully clicking like on our friend’s Cancun photos. Our days in the sun may be over and we may be stuck seeing the impressive snow art on the greenspace for a few more months, but we can ATTEMPT to bring back some spring-break joy in our lives. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Stay tan with L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze

Once that tan starts to fade, freshen up with these handy wipes!

2. Stay made-up with Charlotte Tillbury’s Modern Matte Lipstick

These handy lipsticks samples are on PAPER making a touch up easy!

3. Stay organized with Erin Condren planners 

Plan your next vaca. 

4. Stay dry with psssst! dry shampoo

We all use dry shampoo on the reg, so why not get a tropical scent to brighten up your day (and hair). 

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