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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

The start of a new semester can be daunting and stressful! Whether you’re an incoming freshman or returning student, accommodating to a new schedule and environment can be overwhelming. However, as much as it is important to keep up with studies, we should always take some time away to enjoy the places around us whenever we can. Take some time away from campus, and indulge in all that Boston has to offer here and there! I’ve made a small list of things I personally enjoy doing in the area around this time of the season :)

Good food/Drinks

  1. Playa Bowls: hands-down best spot around for smoothie bowls, oatmeal, and coffee that will make us all reminisce the summer weather
  2. Kung Fu Tea: calling all boba enthusiasts to visit a great spot, not too far from Bentley (definitely recommend the Taro Milk Tea)!
  3. Bistro781: if you’re feeling more of a night out with friends, Bistro is a great place for brunch and/or a nice sit-down dinner that offers a variety of amazing food on their menu.


  1. Fenway Park: whether you’re from the Boston area or not, it’s always fun to grab a few friends and head over to Fenway park. Besides the fun baseball games, there are many restaurants and attractions in the area sure to keep you busy.
  2. Faneuil Hall Marketplace: Faneuil Hall is most often known for their diverse options of cultural foods located in the heart of Boston. However, there are various shops located within and outside of the market that are sure to catch your attention.
  3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: this art museum houses many examples of European, American, and Asian art that is widely enjoyed by the Boston population. It’s always interesting to see the new lights in which artists can depict their message through paintings, and of course great pictures come out of it!

Hope you enjoy some of the most widely recognized places in the area. Make sure to always take some time to enjoy your environment, as there is always something to do outside of campus!

Hi my name is Dariana! I am a Senior at Bentley this year with a major in Economics-Finance and a minor in IDCC. I am a member of the swim team here at Bentley, and a member of SAAC on campus. This year I am interested in building on my experience with writing and building a close circle of girls that share the same belief in empowering women! I love to write about anything under the sun that pertains to life advice. In my free time I love to travel, and since I am a BIG foodie, I love trying new foods anywhere I visit.