Pinterest Picks: Braid Babes

These Pinterest Picks of braided hairstyles may just give us the inspiration we need to avoid the temptation of putting our hair in a messy bun every day…


Elevate your updo with a textured Dutch braid at the top of your head, then tie back the rest of your hair into a textured ponytail

For a side-swept look, dramatically part your hair and use the smaller side to create ultra-cool accent braids

Two tight, defined Dutch braids will keep your hair in place and off your face—from class, to the gym, to a night with friends

This low-maintenance boho braid starts just at the crown and sweeps back for a versatile look that can be dressed up or down

Add a dainty fishtail to a messy bun for a look that’s just as comfortable and infinitely more chic

Dashing details like these gold hair rings create a braided look that’s anything but basic

This romantic pull-through braid achieves elegance with ease




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