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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for College Girls

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, or items to add to your Secret Santa gifts? Find everything that girls want—and will always need—below!

1.)  Gift Cards

We are college students!

2.)  Wall Decals

To make your room feel more like home

3.)  S’well Bottle

For long days and cold drinks!

4.)  Snacks  

For the late nights in the library

5.)  Gum

Fresh breath is always important

6.)  Candy

For a much-needed pick me up

7.)  Chapstick

Because who ever actually finishes one?

8.)  Makeup

Because you can never have enough!

9.)  Fuzzy Socks

To stay warm and cozy in the dorm room

10.)  10-foot Phone Chargers

Because there are only so many outlets in a dorm room

11.)  Headphones

To watch Netflix while your roommate is sleeping


Happy shopping!


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