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Paul Ledoux, Adjunct Management Lecturer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Paul Ledoux is not only a professor for GB 410 here at Bentley, but he is also a student. Check out our interview with him as he shares his work experience, what he loves about our campus, and offers some great advice for you graduating seniors out there!

Her Campus Bentley (HCB): Where did you go to college and what is your degree(s) in?

Paul Ledoux (PL): I received my BS in Business Administration at Worcester State University, my MBA with a concentration in management at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and am currently working towards getting my PhD in Business here at Bentley University.

HCB: What was your decision process in trying to figure out your major and what you would be doing for a career?

PL: I tried to balance what I enjoyed doing with the current job market. I was not willing to choose a career that I disliked just because the salary was better or there were more job openings.

HCB: What work experience did you have prior to coming to Bentley?

PL: I have almost 20 years of operations management experience, a majority spent in the distribution industry.

HCB: What is your role here at Bentley?

PL: I am an adjunct lecturer in the Management Department and a PhD student.

HCB: When did you join the Bentley community?

PL: As a student, I started in the fall of 2007 and I started teaching in the fall 2009.

HCB: What are 3 things you love about teaching at Bentley?

PL: I don’t think it’s possible to narrow it down to three things. Bentley is a great school! But, I’ll do my best. The first thing that comes to mind is the atmosphere here at Bentley. It has been my experience that the Bentley community genuinely cares about its members. Next is the commitment to excellence. Bentley is always looking for new ways to maintain and enhance the quality of the education received at this university. Lastly, I love hearing from past students who have reached some goal or measure of success. All teachers want their students to be successful and Bentley does a great job of laying down a solid foundation for students to build upon. I love being able to contribute to this in some small way.

HCB: Did you ever picture yourself being a professor?

PL: Not at first. As an undergrad I did some tutoring in statistics and enjoyed it. In addition, one of my professors suggested that I consider teaching. She thought I’d be good at it. I was skeptical! While working on my MBA, I was a graduate assistant, which was a combination teaching/research assistant. That is when I knew I wanted to teach.

HCB: Do you have any hobbies/interests?

PL: Although spare time is somewhat scarce as a PhD student and teacher, there are many things that I try to make some time for. First and foremost is spending time with my wife, Emily. It doesn’t matter what the activity, as long as we can spend some quality time together. In addition, I enjoy many outdoor activities including gardening, catch and release fishing, and walking/hiking. I also enjoy repairing, troubleshooting, building, and upgrading computers. Finally, I have collected coins most of my life.

HCB: What advice do you give graduating seniors entering the working world?

PL: Work hard, strive for excellence, and never stop dreaming. However, at the end of the day, remember that there are far more important things in life than a well paying job. Health, friends and family, and being virtuous should always come first!

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