New Netflix Recommendation: The End of the F***ing World

Over winter break Netflix came out with a new original series called The End of the F***ing World—and though it was a show I didn’t expect to like, I wound up becoming slightly obsessed. The show is based on a graphic novel series depicting the unlikely relationship between two teenagers named James and Alyssa.

The show is a dark comedy in which James believes he is a sociopath and chooses Alyssa as his first human victim. Though the premise may seem creepy, the show is actually much funnier than you’d expect, and it becomes more of a coming of age story.

With each episode, you get more attached to the characters and more invested in their story. There are only 8 episodes—each around 20 minutes long—so it’s a quick binge-watch with an ending that will leave you screaming for another season.  

Hope you guys check it out!


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