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One of my favorite social media apps is VSCO. I see it as a “casual” Instagram – you can post whatever you want whenever you want! One of the best things about VSCO are the filters they offer. You can transform any mundane picture into something unique! Here are some of my favorite VSCO filters (some of them being exclusive to VSCO X, the paid version of VSCO) and how I like to use them!


A6 is a free filter that I think works on any picture! A6 mellows out your picture by muting vibrant colors and bringing out the subtler tones. It works wonders by making your photo look evenly lit and well-photographed. This filter works on a variety of pictures, but I think it works best on selfies and portraits!


C1 is a filter that can make any picture look brighter and more vibrant! C1 is a relatively warm-toned filter that will increase the saturation of your photo so that brighter colors stand out more. If you think C1 is too orange for your liking, just try turning down the temperature of the photo so that cooler tones are equally highlighted. The best part about this filter is that it’s also free! My favorite pictures to use C1 on are bright colored photos, like pictures of flowers or group photos!


C8 is a VSCO X filter perfect for fall! This filter brings out orange tones in photos but also highlights vibrant blues, giving your pictures that perfect balance between cool and warm tones! C8 also works great for any bright colors photos, but I also love it for fall-themed pictures and nature posts!


E4 is my favorite VSCO X filter by far. Whenever I’m stuck on what filter to use, I always try E4 and I’m usually very pleased by the results! E4 is very similar to C1 because it brings out brighter colors. However, I like E4 better than C1 because it balances out the vibrant tones by bringing out subtlers colors (like A6 does), making your pictures look more even and natural. You also won’t run into the problem of your pictures being too orange with this filter. I love to use E4 on pictures that I take outdoors!


KC25 is a VSCO X filter that makes any picture look more professional. KC25 increases the contrast on pictures and evens out any harsh tones to give your photos more depth and clarity. I find that KC25 makes the photos I take on my iPhone look higher-quality – almost like they were taken on a professional camera! I like to use this filter on pictures that I take indoors.


My last favorite VSCO X filter is KP6. KP6 is my favorite filter during the summer! It’s great at bringing out blue tones while still keeping your pictures warm! KP6 also makes your pictures look more vibrant in a very natural way. I love to use KP6 on beach pictures!

Next time you take an awesome picture that you want to post on Instagram or VSCO, make sure you try out some of these filters!

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