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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Tired of studying in your dorm? Here are some of my favorite study spots on Bentley’s beautiful campus!


The library is a classic place to study on campus. They have plenty of resources there to make your study experience the best it can be – from Writing Center tutors, to printers and scanners, to even research help. I also love the variety of seating the library has. You can at private, sectioned-off desks, or collaborate with others in study rooms, or opt for quiet studying in the Silent Zone where they have cushioned chairs and secluded desks. All these seating options have outlets for your devices and you’re allowed to eat in the library, so with all this and Einstein’s Bagels right there, it’s so easy to stay there for hours hitting the books.

The Bubble

If you like studying somewhere lively with background noise, the Bubble is the place for you. Located on the third floor of the Student Center, the Bubble is a designated study area for students where you can study at the large seating table, high-tops, or in a study room. I love studying at the Bubble because I will periodically run into a friend I know, which always serves as a nice study break, and the chatter from the Stu Living Room below serves as nice background noise. It’s also super easy to treat myself to Dunks every once and a while when I study in the Bubble!


Studying between classes? I love grabbing a bite to eat and settling down in a LaCava booth. LaCava booths have outlets for your devices and also have tons of natural lighting. This area is usually pretty loud but it also gets pretty quiet between 3:00 and 5:00 when less people are eating. Plus, if you pack a pair of headphones, I find it really easy to get in the zone and get a ton of work done. I also run into tons of people I know here and treat these quick catch-ups as mini study breaks, and it’s super easy to fuel my body while studying there by just placing an order on GrubHub.

Smith Third Floor Conference Room

When you enter Smith from the library quad (a.k.a the third floor entrance), there’s a huge conference room on the right. This is a hidden gem on Bentley’s campus because inside, they have two huge monitors and tons of work space – making it the perfect spot to study in Smith. With these monitors, you can easily display any notes, slides, or texts you have to follow along with – something you don’t have access to in your dorm room. This conference room is also really aesthetically pleasing because there’s tons of windows, providing plenty of natural light, and blinds to block out the windows facing the Smith hallways.

Where do you like to study on campus?

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