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You know those ice breakers that you used to have to do in middle school? Easy stuff like “what’s your favorite color?” or “what’s your favorite animal?” Well, my teacher (years ago) once decided to stump the class and ask “what’s your favorite holiday?” I knew my answer immediately, but she started with a person on the other side of the room so the question would not get to me for a while. As I nervously waited, all I heard from one person to the next was “Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas” blah blah you get the point. And when it finally got to my turn, I quietly muttered the words Christmas and quickly passed whatever plush was being passed around. 

Immediately, I shut my eyes. Why would I even say that? Obviously nobody would know it’s a lie, but I did. Yeah, Christmas is a great holiday, except it’s not my favorite holiday. Did I really overthink the answer to a basic question? Yes. Yes I did. 

Christmas ended up getting the most votes, followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving. Only 5 holidays were named, one of them being “my birthday” but none of them were my favorite holiday; not even the one I said. 

So what was really my favorite holiday? Well, there are so many holidays that could hold the number one “favorite” spot. You could have

  • Christmas (which it’s not)
  • Halloween (still not)
  • Thanksgiving (nope!)
  • Easter (nuh-uh)
  • Valentines Day (no way)

Or whatever else. But no. Not me. My favorite holiday is Fourth of July. 

This might prompt you to think that I’m your stereotypical YEEHAWW American, but no. My love for Fourth of July actually has nothing to do with patriotism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as patriotic as the next person, but my love for the holiday was sparked not by the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, but something more simple

In fact, the holiday wouldn’t mean much to me if it wasn’t for this one simple thing: fireworks.

Something about them makes me so happy. Yeah, they’re loud, and quite frankly frightening sometimes. They’re bright like lightning; as if warning us before we hear the booming clap that is the pop of the firework, but that’s the whole thrill of it. Watching the glistening lights fill up the night sky, twinkling and dancing through the air. It’s so peaceful. They transform something ordinary, into something EXTRAORDINARY!

Each burst of vibrant hues sends a rush of excitement through me, as if I’m witnessing a symphony of artistry crafted by the cosmos itself. There’s a sense of awe and wonder that accompanies the crackling sounds and shimmering trails, captivating my senses and evoking a childlike joy within me. 

Fireworks symbolize celebration, marking special occasions with a spectacular flourish that brings people together in shared admiration. Whether it’s the grand finale of a festival or a private show on a starlit night, the enchanting beauty of fireworks never fails to fill me with a sense of wonder and gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. Fireworks have a magical quality that never fails to captivate my heart and ignite my spirit with pure delight. 

So the next time someone asks me what’s my favorite holiday, my answer will be Fourth of July, just like it should’ve been years ago.

fireworks This is easily my favorite photo ever.

Alyssa Galin

Bentley '27

hii I'm Alyssa! I'm from New York City and absolutely love to travel and spend time outdoors. I'm currently a freshman at Bentley University and am planning to major in Corporate Finance and Accounting. I love taking photos of anything and everything. I'm super artsy and also a huge cat person. I love music as well, if you have suggestions let me know on insta! @alyssa.track :)