Must Tries: Max Brenner

Calling all chocolate lovers! Max Brenner is the place for you. Imagine all of your wildest chocolate dreams—and Max Brenner has it. From speciality drinks to desserts, you will be sure to satisfy all the chocolate cravings you’ve ever had!

The store is simply magical. There is chocolate everywhere! Bins of chocolate adorn the entryway as you walk towards the dining area. All you can smell is the fresh chocolate and sweets! There is also a chocolate shop where you can purchase chocolate if you prefer not to dine in, or if you want to take a sweet treat home!

The menu is overwhelming, because let's be honest, the chocolate lover wants to try everything! When I went, we ordered way too much food and got to try two amazing shared dishes—all of which I would recommend and get again!

Pictured: Chocolate Martini


Sharing Fondue

Imagine all of your favorite fondue treats—and BOOM—the sharing fondue has it. This fondue comes with your choice of two chocolates, along with strawberries, marshmallows, sponge cake, crepes, waffles, and chocolate bark! My favorite was dipping the waffle in milk chocolate.

Pictured: Sharing Fondue


Spectacular Melting Chocolate S’mores Sundae

This was the most decadent ice cream sundae I have ever tasted. Served in a huge sundae bowl, it is filled with vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, peanut butter drizzle, milk chocolate, and marshmallow fluff! It doesn’t end there—the sundae is topped with fresh chocolate ganache and whip cream, YUM.

Pictured: Melting Chocolate S’mores Sundae

Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is.