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Movies You Should Go Out & See This Weekend

There’s just something special about watching a movie on a big screen; the experience of going to the theaters is nostalgic of getting dropped off with your friends in middle school (because the only other thing to do in town was go to the mall). You begged your parents for $10 and promised to return the change, and you snuck in snacks from home under every armpit and in every pocket. Now it’s something to do if you want to get out of the dorms and don’t want to party, it’s the go-to date location (w/ a cutie or just a friend-date), and most theaters have really comfy seats now that recline. 

What are some reasons why you might not want to go to the movies? Its hella expensive… seeing a 3D movie and paying online? You’ll be shelling out $18/per ticket (depending on the theater). On average you’ll probably be paying $10-$12 though. You’ll also spend an arm and a leg on over-salted popcorn, so try to sneak in food from beyond.

Well I’ve been on a movie kick lately, the Burlington AMC has seen a lot of me lately. I’m here today to tell you what is worth seeing and what isn’t. 

Beauty and the Beast

Worth it? Hell yes & be our guest.

Molly: This movie was magical, and by far one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. All of the characters were well-cast, the animation was superb, and even though I knew the story by heart I was still enthused at every twist of the plot. SPOILER: There were a few plot holes… like how far away was this castle from the village? At first it seemed like hours away, but then Belle gets there in minutes after the Beast sets her free? Also… didn’t her father take the horse when HE escaped the first time… so why was the horse back at the Beast’s castle for Belle to attempt HER escape? Don’t worry Disney, this didn’t taint my love for the movie.

Ashlyn: I thought overall it was pretty good. The cast was diverse and the costumes and acting was great. I thought Emma Watson was a great Belle and I loved Josh Gad as Lou Fou. The singing wasn’t the best though which was understandable and they added a couple new songs that I didn’t like as much but overall it was good.

Brooke: Beauty and the Beast was amazing. The casting, cinematography, production sets, and musical numbers were all absolutely incredible. My only criticism is that you could tell Emma Watson was auto-tuned. 


Get Out

Worth it? Get out to see this movie.

Get Out was wild comedy horror movie – very mind opening. Written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele, Get Out follows an interracial couple (Chris and Rose) as they visit Rose’s (white) fam and stuff goes down. This movie is really good, with a totally realistic twist that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It wasn’t your typical scary movie, in fact I didn’t flinch once. There was some gore near the end, but most of the time you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out what the big secret is. 


Worth it? You’ll live without it.

Life is a science fiction horror film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. It follows six crew members of the International Space Station who discovered life from a soil sample from Mars. The film is slow and it’s kind of boring despite all the opportunities there were to add a little drama. There was a lack of a backstory, we didn’t know much about any of the characters or anything going on back on Earth – this may be why I couldn’t get invested no matter how hard I tried. Overall, I would say the plot was very predictable down to the “twist” at the very last moment. Wait until Life is free on OnDemand to watch, not worth the $12 ticket and $20 wings I ordered to eat in the theater (yes I’m that person). 



Worth it? Yes. I have no puns.

Haley: It was pretty long. It’s about Wolverine so if you’ve never seen an X-Men movie or are not into them it might not be for you. Otherwise, pretty good plot. Lots of action. Would reccommend. 


Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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