Movie Review: The Princess Switch

So, this is another slightly cheesy Christmas movie that will only somewhat sate your need for the new A Christmas Princemovie to come out at the end of the month.

This one follows the life of Chicago-based baker, Stacy, who has a type-A personality and must schedule every minute of her day; I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s a successful baker in Chicago with a beautiful, unrealistic storefront, and a girl’s gotta pay rent. She is invited to the Royal Christmas Baking Contest in Belgravia, and after an unfortunate run-in with her ex who has moved on, Stacy decides to take the spontaneous trip with her best friend and sous-chef, Kevin, and his daughter, Olivia. 

Once Stacy and Kevin get to Belgravia, it is not long before Stacy meets Lady Margaret, who is set to marry Prince Edward, although she is not in love with him. Lady Margaret and Stacy look exactly like twins and the two realize that they must be distantly related before hatching a plan to switch places. As the movie progresses, it is clear that Kevin and Margaret, both spontaneous and fun-loving people, are destined to fall in love, as are Stacy and Edward, both careful planners who enjoy a good schedule. 

This is a great movie to just sit down and relax to without really having to think very much. It will also get you in the holiday spirit with beautiful scenery, Christmas music, and a happy ending. Although the movie is pretty cheesy, it’s great to see Vanessa Hudgens in a new film, especially one with such cute male characters. 

(P.S. Look out for the horse scene with Stacy. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch.)