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This weekend one of my friends and I attempted to go have an amazing brunch at Moody’s Delicatessen only to find out, to our dismay, that the restaurant was closed for renovations!!! We decided to head to In a Pickle, but on our way down Moody Street, we spotted another restaurant that looked a heck of a lot less crowded and like it might be worth a try: Bison County.


We walked into the Southern-themed restaurant and were immediately caught up in the country music playing over the speakers and the feeling we had just been swept down to Alabama. We ordered the Arizona Egg Rolls, which I highly recommend because they were absolutely delicious. After this starter, I was already kind of full because it was so satisfying and filling, but had ordered the steak tips with sweet potato fries and asparagus. Everything was amazing (I took it all home for dinner later)!


This restaurant is famous for their delicious meats, sauces, and sides, and while there are certainly vegetarian and gluten-free options, this is definitely a place to check out if you are a bona fide carnivore. Absolutely give this spot a chance to wow your taste buds because it is totally worth it!


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