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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

You may know Meredith Hohman from seeing her around campus, but did you know that she has appeared in multiple music videos which have been nationally viewed?  On top of being on Bentley’s own hip-hop dance team CRAZE, Meredith has recently been in music videos and many shows in the Boston area. Learn more about her and her passion for dance in our interview!   

Name: Meredith Hohman
Hometown: Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Major/Graduation Year: Marketing, Media Arts & Society LSM and Sports Management Minor; 2013
Campus Involvement: CRAZE, Her Campus, Best Buddies
HCB: When did you start dancing and what kind of dance do you do?
MH: I started dancing when I was 4 years old doing tap, jazz, and ballet at a dance studio in my town. When I started to take dance more seriously and realized I wanted to do more things with it, I left that studio and found another one specializing in contemporary. I also got a good majority of my training, especially in hip hop, from going to conventions as many weekends as possible trying to take class from the bests in the industry (even if it was in a room with another 300 people and traveling cross country to get there!) As for now I pop into open classes in either Boston or NYC when I have time and also continue dancing here on CRAZE at Bentley!
HCB: What dance videos/shows have you been in recently?
MH: I started going to auditions when I was about 15, and my first job was dancing in the Miss Massachusetts Pageant. Not considered technically dancing, but I was an extra in Far East Movement’s “If I Was You” Campus Remix video. Probably the biggest production I’ve done was with a DJ from 94.5, Maverik, (also known as Money Mav) featuring Renee Marcou, with a single called “All Night”. The video actually premiered on VH1 last week! Since then I have been working on a couple of other projects for CRAZE’s choreographer, Stephanie Hubbard, dancing backup for a Britney Spears impersonation project and other choreography demos. Most recently I have received two offers from upcoming artists named Erene and another named M.A.R. Quise so hopefully those will turn into more and bigger opportunities!
HCB: What advice would you give to other aspiring dancers?
MH: I would tell them to never give up. So many people say that dance is an unrealistic career, but if you believe in yourself and really put it in the effort it’s possible. Also, having a college degree never hurts either so if you manage your time wisely you can get the best of both worlds

Check out Meredith in DJ Maverik’s Music Video, “All Night”:

Kathryn Burgner is a member of the class of 2013 at Bentley University and is majoring in Information Design & Corporate Communications, with minors in Marketing and Gender Studies. Kathryn is so excited to be a part of the Her Campus team and be the founder of Her Campus Bentley! Kathryn loves going to school near Boston, but she also loves her hometown of Dalton, MA, where she grew up in the Berkshires on a turkey farm. Kathryn loves singing, acting, dancing ballet, baking, & playing volleyball, and is interested in gender issues, fashion, and health & fitness. She is a founding member of the Masters of Bentley Acappella (MBAs) and enjoys being involved with the Women's Center at Bentley, Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Theatre Society, and Resident Assistance at Bentley. Kathryn aspires to work as an editor, social media professional, or marketing design professional in Boston, MA after her experiences at Bentley! Kathryn would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support towards all of her experiences and dreams.