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A Memorial in Honor of Our Friend Taken Too Soon: Joey Glynn

This past weekend, the Bentley men’s basketball team had their season opener, the Bentley Tip-Off Classic. Merrimack College, Wilmington College, and Concordia College all participated in the tournament with Bentley University at the Dana Athletic Center. The men’s first game was on Friday night at 8 o’clock, but before announcing the starting lineup, a tribute was read in honor of Joey Glynn, a member of the team that tragically passed away this summer after his freshman year at Bentley. After a moment of silence, the lineups were read and Bentley went on to win their first game against Concordia College, 98-69.

Joey Glynn was more than a hero on the basketball court; he was a true friend to many at home and at school. Joey is from Abington, Massachusetts, and graduated in 2012 from Spellman High School in Brockton. He committed to playing for Bentley University in the spring of his senior year in just a matter of five days and became a key component in the basketball program, starting in 16 games throughout the season. Although he was a phenomenal player, Joey was recruited for the type of person he was: a man of character with an extraordinary level of maturity for his age.

These traits weren’t just seen in his basketball statistics; they were something seen in Joey every day. As close friends of Joey, losing someone so young and so suddenly is a heart-breaking experience. We found out the night he passed away through our friends on the basketball team. The shock of his passing greatly affected us and truly put life into perspective, but we can all find some comfort knowing he died playing the sport he loved.

Joey was the type of guy we could go to for advice, help with homework, or if we just needed a break and a good laugh. We spent countless afternoons with Joey and the other freshmen on the team cramming for tests, watching Prison Break, and goofing off when we should’ve been doing work. We got to know him on a personal level, sharing stories about our lives before Bentley, our families, and future plans. He was an all-around great guy and we feel so lucky to have been able to spend freshman year with him and have him in our lives.

Joey Glynn is remembered in different ways around campus. On the men’s team’s jerseys there is an embroidered patch over their hearts that reads his name, and on the back of the team’s sweatshirts and work out shirts, Joe is written in bold letters. On our desks, we have his prayer card and his service program, as well as the same patches from the jerseys that were given to us by Coach Lawson, the head coach of the men’s team. One of the many memories Coach Lawson has of Joey is from last September when Joey had his nose broken by a teammate during practice. He had to wear a visually limiting and uncomfortable face mask until the trainers told him otherwise so his nose could properly heal. Coach Lawson recalls how he was the first player he’d ever coached that didn’t complain or get frustrated while playing with the mask on. This didn’t surprise Coach Lawson because that was just the kind of guy Joey was.

Although we only had a year with him, the impact he left on us will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Joey’s passing reminds us to use the time we have to the fullest by doing the things that make us the happiest. Whatever age we are, we can all take something away from Joey and the way he lived his life. We will always remember Joey, not just for his excellence in academics and basketball, but for his outstanding friendship. He is an unforgettable individual whose presence will remain forever in our hearts and at Bentley. 

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