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Meet the Writers: Kayla Vincent and Sonya Dube

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.


Kayla Vincent

Sonya Dube


          Kayla: Montvale, New Jersey

          Sonya: Buffalo, New York




          Kayla: Information Design and Corporate Communications

          Sonya: Undecided


Have you ever moved?

KV: Never! College was the first time I lived somewhere else.

SD: Nope, Bentley’s a first


Do you have any siblings?

KV: I am an only child!




Favorite thing to bake/make?

KV: Pizza

SD: Chicken wing dip


Favorite snack?

KV: Cheez-Its 

SD: Gluten-free pretzels with Kite Hill chive cream cheese (just trust me, it’s good)


Favorite Netflix show?

KV: My all-time favorite is One Tree Hill, but I am currently obsessed with How I Met Your Mother

SD: I don’t even know where to start, but Reign, Saved by the Bell, and The Vampire Diaries are definitely some of my favorites.


Favorite Disney movie?

KV: High School Musical

SD: The Little Mermaid


Favorite ice cream flavor?

KV: Cookies and Cream

SD: Cannoli



What’s the number one thing you’d dream for in the future?

KV: If I study abroad, I would love to travel to Spain! I would also love to participate in the Disney College Program, which is a semester long. I would love to travel the world, working a job that I love—something that doesn’t feel like work!

SD: To have a career abroad—meeting new people and eating as many types of foods as humanly possible


Dream vacation destination?

KV: Fiji

SD: Punta Cana


Dream date?

KV: I would love to cook a meal together, and maybe watch a movie or play games after.

SD: Dinner and a movie—so typical, but as long as the guy is a gentleman that’s really what matters.


Dream Job?

KV: CEO/Manager for Walt Disney World

SD: CEO of Paramount Pictures


Dream place to live?

KV: NYC, SoHo, or Los Angeles!

SD: Rome or Barcelona

College freshman living in and exploring the vibrant city of Boston! Born and raised in the dirty jerz. 
Native New Yorker Brooke Camarda has had her eclectic share of jobs—from the runways of NYFW to the haunted hallways of NYZ Apocalypse. Commonly known by her alter ego of Wonder Woman, there's no task or adventure that the skydiving-enthusiast isn't willing to take on. She loves typography and cappuccinos almost as much as she loves her (very) big family, and is thrilled to be writing for Bentley University's chapter of Her Campus.