Meet the Writers: Kayla Vincent and Sonya Dube


Kayla Vincent

Sonya Dube


          Kayla: Montvale, New Jersey

          Sonya: Buffalo, New York




          Kayla: Information Design and Corporate Communications

          Sonya: Undecided


Have you ever moved?

KV: Never! College was the first time I lived somewhere else.

SD: Nope, Bentley’s a first


Do you have any siblings?

KV: I am an only child!




Favorite thing to bake/make?

KV: Pizza

SD: Chicken wing dip


Favorite snack?

KV: Cheez-Its 

SD: Gluten-free pretzels with Kite Hill chive cream cheese (just trust me, it’s good)


Favorite Netflix show?

KV: My all-time favorite is One Tree Hill, but I am currently obsessed with How I Met Your Mother

SD: I don’t even know where to start, but Reign, Saved by the Bell, and The Vampire Diaries are definitely some of my favorites.


Favorite Disney movie?

KV: High School Musical

SD: The Little Mermaid


Favorite ice cream flavor?

KV: Cookies and Cream

SD: Cannoli



What’s the number one thing you’d dream for in the future?

KV: If I study abroad, I would love to travel to Spain! I would also love to participate in the Disney College Program, which is a semester long. I would love to travel the world, working a job that I love—something that doesn’t feel like work!

SD: To have a career abroad—meeting new people and eating as many types of foods as humanly possible


Dream vacation destination?

KV: Fiji

SD: Punta Cana


Dream date?

KV: I would love to cook a meal together, and maybe watch a movie or play games after.

SD: Dinner and a movie—so typical, but as long as the guy is a gentleman that's really what matters.


Dream Job?

KV: CEO/Manager for Walt Disney World

SD: CEO of Paramount Pictures


Dream place to live?

KV: NYC, SoHo, or Los Angeles!

SD: Rome or Barcelona