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Man Crush Monday: Orlando Bloom

There’s no doubt about it – Orlando Bloom is a beautiful man. From his roles in the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and making his Broadway debut as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, he has proven that he is not only beautiful, but insanely talented as well. Here and some reasons why he’s this week’s pick for Man Crush Monday:

1.      He loves animals


2.      He’s pretty


3.      He’s honest


4.      He played the sexiest elf ever to roam Middle Earth



5.      He also made a pretty dashing pirate/adventurer


6.      He respects nature


7.      He likes to play fair


8.      And he’s very decisive


9.      He loves to laugh

10.  He can rock the scruff


11.  He made this face while presenting the Golden Globes


12.  And made this one during a scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean


13.  His breath smells like flowers



14.  He’s a child at heart


15.  He loves his son Flynn

Nothing is sexier than a man who is good with kids.


16.  It’s easy to pun his last name


We love you, Orlando!




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