Man Crush Monday: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has played many memorable characters over the years. From Captain Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka to the Mad Hatter, Depp has bestowed life upon each of these characters and has made our lives better since he arrived on the big screen in 1984. Here are some reasons why I chose him for this week’s Man Crush Monday:


1.      He’s played a variety of roles

2.      He loves to sleep

3.      The years have changed him

4.      He’s not afraid to cry

5.      Or show some emotion

6.      Or say what’s on his mind

7.      He’s beautiful

8.      He likes to drink

9.      Cheekbones

10.  He looks sexy in glasses

11.  Captain Jack Sparrow is everyone's favorite pirate

12.  He likes blowing kisses

13.  And he likes giving salutes

14.  He compliments the hard work of others

15.  He talks to the Earth

16.  He rocks the eyeliner

17.  He’s grown up

I think I know the answer to this question:

The answer is yes. Love you Johnny!


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