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Looking our best doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag, if you look hard enough you can find cheaper options for some of your favorite clothes. Here are some ideas on looks for less. 

Triangl Bathing Suit

These cute bathing suits made from neoprene material are super adorable but also fairly expensive, as they range from $80-100 per suit.  


Forever 21 has a similar styled neoprene bathing suit in many different styles, originally $17.90 but now on sale for $8.90. This bathing suit is saving you around $70-80 which can buy you many more of these or other bathing suits.


Lilly Pulitzer Dress

The super cute and girly shift dresses from Lilly Pulitzer is available in many different styles and prints and will cost you around $200. 

Coming April, 2015, Target has partnered with Lilly to create some of their favorite looks for less. According to the website, the collection will feature 15 prints, over 250 different items such as apparel, shoes, and accessories. The line will range from $2-150, a much cheaper option.


Bean Boots 

L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots are a popular pick to get you through the winter snow and spring rain. They are warm and durable but also will also set you back $90-200 depending on the type. 

The insulate lace up boots from Cabelas are very similar to bean boots and just as protective, but cost $64 instead!


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