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Justine Agaloos: Instructional and Online Media Specialist for Classroom Presentation Technologies

Justine Agaloos is one of the friendliest people I have gotten to know over my three years of working in the Classroom Presentation Technologies (CPT) office. She does a lot to try and bring us all together, so it’s not just an on-campus job – but a great experience for all of the student workers. Justine is someone to look up to and is always open to helping gout her staff whenever they’re stuck.

HerCampus Bentley: What is your position at Bentley and how long have you been working here?

Justine Agaloos: I am the Instructional and Online Media Specialist for Classroom Presentation Technologies (CPT). I have been here at Bentley since October 2014, so almost exactly a year.


HCB: What does CPT do exactly?

JA: Our services include supporting audio/visual technology in smart classrooms, troubleshooting equipment during class times, loaning out media equipment to faculty, and training faculty to use our technologies for presenting in the classroom, hence “classroom presentation technologies.”


HCB: What drew you to your job?

JA: I was actually helping Client Services with their Junior computer swap last year, and that’s when I had applied for the position. I learned about the job while I was on campus helping out.


HCB: What is your favorite part of working with CPT?

JA: I’d probably have to say the people. I like the fact that the staff and the students are easy-going and have a sense of humor.


HCB: Do you have a least favorite part?

JA: Realistically, the hardest parts are trying to have a lot of patience during high pressure times, and alleviating clients


HCB: What has been your most memorable experience working at Bentley?

JA: That’s a hard one. I enjoy the social gatherings that we have, especially around Halloween or even during Homecoming. Anything that has to do with food, I’m there.


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