Justen Lee '17

Name: Justen Lee

From: California

Major/Minor: Finance, minor in marketing

Class: 2017

This week’s campus cutie is Justen Lee! Coming from California he is a huge Dodgers fan. He’s also heavily involved with Sigma Chi and is the head of their philanthropy Derby Days which is going on this week. You might even hear his playlist in the student center since he has his own show as part of the Bentley Radio Club.

Insider Details

Her Campus Bentley: Three things you can’t live without?

Justen Lee: That’s so hard, I think I’d say sushi for sure, Korean BBQ, and orange chicken.


HCB: Describe yourself in three words?

JL: energetic, determined, out-going


HCB: Latest show you’ve binge watches on Netflix?

JL: Friends, it’s a classic.


HCB: Campus Involvement?

JL: I’m a brother of Sigma Chi, a Project Manager for the Prospect Hill after-school program (service-learning), and Programming Director for the Bentley Radio Club.


HCB: What’s your favorite part of being in sigma chi?

JL: Brotherhood


HCB: What’s your favorite event?

JL: Derby Days


HCB: What are Derby Days?

JL: It’s a weeklong philanthropy event that raises money for our philanthropy that is the Huntsman Cancer Institution. A third of the winnings go towards the winning team’s charity of choice.


HCB: Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

JL: Spent a weekend with Brian DeGaray in Koreatown, Los Angeles


HCB: Fun fact?

JL: I can play the ukulele.


HCB: Where do you see you self in 10 years?

JL: Hopefully I’m married and have a house and a dog and a pet turtle.



HCB :Favorite current song?

JL: Love On Top by Beyoncé


HCB: Favorite Bentley Memory?

JL: When Shivang Napier fell down the season stairs. It was from the middle all the way down to the bottom.


HCB:Favorite Pick-up line?

JL: Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? Because green eggs and… damn!


HCB: Favorite thing to get at late night?

JL: The Quincy Market at Russo’s


Love, Love, Love

HCB: Celeb Crush?

JL: Alana Blanchard (surfer)


HCB: Perfect Date?

JL: Going to a Dodgers game.


HCB: So, what is the first thing you do to catch a girl’s attention?

JL: Wink at her three times, I don’t know?!


HCB: What do you think your best feature is?

JL: Eyes


HCB: Relationship Status?

JL: Single


HCB: Anything you want to say to the Bentley Community?

JL: We’re gonna make money get… turnt