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Joe Leonard ’14

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Joe Leonard. He loves dogs and is a frat boy with a heart of gold. Check out more about him below.

Name: Joe Leonard
Hometown: Ludlow, MA
Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor/LSM: Finance Major, CIS Minor
Campus Involvements: Service Learning Project Manager, Member of Alpha Sigma Phi
Interests: Cars, Traveling, Architecture, Real Estate, Dogs

Inside Details
Describe yourself in 3 words: Personable, Sincere, Modest
Any secret talents? None that I know of…
What would be your dream job? Executive of a car company
If the Mad Falcon had a sandwich named after you, what would it be called? Not Joe Mama’s sandwich

Favorite place in the world: Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Bentley memory or experience: Spending Spring Break participating in Habitat for Humanity in Florida
Favorite song: “Hotel California,” by the Eagles

Love, Love, Love
What would you like to do on your ideal date? Something adventurous, like going zip lining…
What’s your pick-up line of choice? “So do you come here often?”
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? Someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but is still motivated and can appreciate the simple things. They must like dogs.
Relationship Status: Single

Senior at Bentley University. Social Media Co-Chair and Writer. Marketing Major with a focus in Advertising. Intense love for commercials and clothes
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