It's Vest Season!

Now that the weather is chillier, it’s time to break out the vest! Vest season goes hand in hand with every girl’s favorite time of year: sweater weather. With the temperatures beginning to drop, everyone needs just a little more to keep warm! While it isn't quite yet jacket weather, the vest will be you rmain source of warmth for the next couple of weeks. Below are some of my favorite ways to style my vest!

One way to wear a vest is with a sweatshirt and leggings. The vest will spice up your tired look and give people the impression you weren’t up till 4am studying last night. Plus it will keep you warm if your sweatshirt isn’t heavy enough. 


Another option is to pair a vest with a long sleeve t-shirt. This option works great when its not as cold and you just want to decorate a plain outfit. You can also pair the long sleeve with a fleece vest, which will be sure to keep you warm.


The last popular option for girls around campus is the classic look, a vest and sweater. This look is bound to keep you warm and fashionable as the season’s change. Just pair your favorite sweater and your favorite vest and boots then you are good to go for a fall day.