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Intel Presents Girl Rising at Bentley

On Tuesday April 16th, Her Campus Bentley along with the Women’s Center hosted a screening for a new movie ‘Girl Rising.’ More than 50 Bentley students came to the Wilder Pavilion to hear the stories of nine girls from nine different parts of the world who have faced arranged marriages, child slavery, and other heartbreaking injustices.

Presented Intel and the 10×10 Campaign, “Girl Rising” is narrated by empowered women such as Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep, who tell the stories of these girls who vow to get an education despite the seemingly endless obstacles in their paths.


Student Sydney Southern (2014) shared her thoughts on Girl Rising: “I thought Girl Rising was really eye opening. Not only regarding the struggle and obstacles girls endure to get an education, but the opportunities American students take advantage of every day. Never mind the abuse and torture girls in foreign countries go through on a daily basis that most American children could never imagine. It was really uplifting knowing those nine girls were overcoming the struggles to make a better life for themselves.”

 “After watching Girl Rising I felt very blessed to be fortunate enough to have an education and have many rights as a female. Each and every story that was told by girls, who were either younger or close to my age (19), were powerful and inspiring,” said HC Bentley chairperson, Emmy Manoonpol.

This movie was so powerful that it changed how I personally thought of all of the opportunities I have been given. We should never take something small for granted. And most importantly, one girl with courage is a revolution.

If you missed our screening, Regal Cinemas has booked “Girl Rising” for a major theatrical release until the 25th in over 165 theaters across the U.S. Be sure to check out this inspirational movie.



Emily is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Editorial for the Bentley University branch of Her Campus. A junior at Bentley, she is studying marketing with a liberal studies double major in media arts & society as well as a minor in information design and corporate communication. Emily aspires to work in public relations, social media or event planning. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY crafts, baton twirling and cooking.
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