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The Importance of Telling the Truth

Everyone wants to act cooler than they are especially when they are texting their crush. So here is a list of reasons why it is important to just be honest with them and tell the truth.

1. If you lie, there’s a chance you could get caught in the lie and that would just lead to a disaster.

2. If you don’t want to hang out then make sure you tell the truth or else it might backfire. If you just want to hang with friends and have a chill night in, then just tell him the truth, but make sure to offer another day to hang out so you still seem interested.

3. Telling the truth could sound lame. Maybe you stayed in for the night instead of going out. Just let them know what you’re doing and maybe you could hang out together.

4. By telling the truth, you’ll end up telling them more about your personal life, which could start a conversation.

5. It could make your relationship stronger since you are creating a strong foundation.

6. If you start by telling a lie, you might be more likely to lie again which isn’t a great start to a blossoming relationship.

7. So just tell the truth as hard as it might be.

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