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If Kim Kardashian was a Bentley Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Her selfies would feature the famous Bentley library sunset in the background

Her salads at LaCava would always come in the round containers, never the square ones

She would place out of taking any Expos because her Instagram captions would count for credit

She would never have to climb the Smith stairs under any circumstance…EVER

Her resume would be printed on gold leaf paper

Seasons would not be in her vocabulary. It would just be a word used to describe the changing of the time of year and weather

The Fenway skybox would be her closet

She would get to register for classes first because 8 AM classes would certainly not be tolerated

Her nude business heels would be Louis Vuitton

She would never have to take a GB because we all know she has a big asset account

She would design the Bentley logo and apparel

A DASH would open on Moody Street

Kayne would perform for Spring Day… and maybe she’d even get him to be our next University president

Her LinkedIn profile picture would be flawless

The Slade basement would be her personal SoulCycle studio

The CIS Sandbox would develop her video game app

She would get everyone to attend athletic events

Falcone West would be renamed to Falcone Northwest after her daughter

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