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I Tried Foreign Chip Flavors

Once upon a time I was delayed 24 in London, so I bought chips in the airport. I knew my mom liked to try different, weird flavored foods, so this was her souvenir from my trip. So if you’re wondering what a beef flavored chip tastes like, keep reading, 

Tangy Cheese

Mom: These are Doritos. Tastes like regular Doritos. A little meaty. I don’t want to eat any more of those. Tastes like old cheese.

Molly: Tastes less cheesy than nacho cheese Doritos here. Mild.

Palette cleansed with Cadbury’s Bitsa Wispa chocolate


Roast chicken:

Mom: Smells like a sandwich I left in my backpack for too long.

Molly: Tastes exactly like chicken. In a bad way.

Tossed that bag.

Worcester sauce:

Mom: Someone should put this one and the last one together. This isn’t that bad except it tastes like ketchup.

Molly: Ketchupy salt and vinegar


Mom: Is this ketchup number two

Molly: I’m done trying these, they’re getting worse and worse

Flame Grilled Steak

Mom: Is this chicken number two?

“I love the texture and crunch of these” (ridge cut). She can’t figure them out. “It tastes good but at the same time weird because it shouldn’t be a potato chip flavor.”

Molly: I tried it. So not good. Doesn’t taste anything like a steak. Tastes sour and stale and smells like a fish tank.


Mom: Barbecue… I don’t like the texture (she ate three). 

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