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I just finished Verity by Colleen Hoover & I need EVERYONE to read it. Here is me writing down my thoughts that I can’t stop thinking about (spoiler alert, proceed with caution):

First and foremost… Team Manuscript???? OR NO???

I can’t make up my mind.

I feel like Verity’s character she allegedly made up in her manuscript was portrayed through her personality in faking her injury. However, the rest of the little details that Lowen included about her evilness could just be from her tiredness…. IDK!

They are all just such great BUT complicated characters – in a good way of course.

I keep going back and forth.

I also LOVE Jeremy and feel like he is the definition of a perfect man.

That is why I am convinced that the manuscript is true, since I want to blame someone for the daughters’ deaths… but then I also want to believe that Verity is telling the truth so that they can fall back in love and Crew does not have to have a broken family.

ALSO – the end with the letter… is it wrong for Lowen to hide it from Jeremy? I feel like it would just cause more problems for them, and I want them to be a perfect family, but on the other hand, Jeremy deserves to know the ‘truth’ about everything, or at least what Verity’s plan was.

In the end I hope Lowen & Jeremy have a great future together!

The writing was AMAZING, nothing like Hoover’s usual romance novels. I couldn’t put the book down! Some parts were a little TMI and crazy, but I love psychological thrillers.

Anyways… Clearly, I took way too long to read this book, and I recommend everyone not to make the same mistake I did!

I need to get my hands on the extra chapter now.

Read Verity now!!! And let me know your thoughts too :)

Emily Pfeil

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