"I Feel Like This Too!"

This year caught everyone off guard. It was unexpected, filled with twists and bumps and turns. 

Nevertheless, one of the hardest parts for me has been the abundance of time spent alone. 

At first it might’ve been somewhat okay - unusual, unexpected, but only temporary. A transition to online classes in the spring promised a small break from what can sometimes be an overwhelming and hectic time of year. 

But now - almost 8 months later when perhaps the only faces we see are the small pixels on our screen, camera off, on mute - there is little room for interaction with anyone.

It's important to be safe; this is a pandemic, and we are all aware by now of all the precautious to take - so much so that 6 feet and hand sanitizer and masks are embedded in our minds. 

But, I just wish there was a middle ground and some way to acknowledge the safety equally as much as the manner in which our hearts and minds feel more separated than ever. 

Perhaps there is a way to meet in the middle; keep in mind that there are more opportunities to meet people and feel more centered, and there is more to the day than pixels on a screen. Maybe there is a way to finally hear someone say, “I feel like this too!”