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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

If you ask any Bentley student, you’ll probably hear that GB112 (Tools and Concepts in Accounting and Finance) is one of the most challenging classes. If you have not previously taken an accounting course, it is a lot of information and concepts to learn. If you’re not going to be an accounting major, you will most likely have to study hard for the exams. Here’s how to study to get a good GB112 grade.  


The Geek Squad is a group of Bentley student tutors that have a review session before every GB112 exam. You can sign up via Google Forms and attend in-person or you can watch the recording later. It would be beneficial to attend in-person so you can ask questions. They have a slide show where they go through practice multiple choice questions.  

Go to THE Honors Lounge Tutor

If you are an honors student, usually a tutor will do a review session in the Honors Lounge. I found these extremely helpful. Even if you are not in honors, if you follow the Bentley Honors Program Instagram, you can see when and where the tutor will be and I’m sure they’d let you attend. There are no sign-ups; you just show up.  


The LEAF lab is Bentley’s learning lab specifically for accounting, economics, and finance. You can sign up for hours or attend walk in hours. These can be found on the Bentley website.

Write down learning objectives  

The learning objectives in the GB112 textbook are often the main concepts that will appear in word problems or the short response questions on the exams. These are important to know.  

Memorize equations  

Memorize equations that are in your unit for problems that you need to solve using math, such as finding the net income, using the accounting equation, solving for retained earnings, etc. Also, try to know what accounts are assets, liabilities, and owners equity, as well as which items go on each financial statement.  

Do posted practice problems

Do practice problems that your professor posts or try the ones in the textbook.

DO Readiness Checks 

Readiness checks are due 24 hours before each exam (for most classes). These are good practices to do a couple days before your exam so you can review.  

Go to office hours 

Attend your professor’s office hours to ask questions. After exams, attend their review sessions to see what you got wrong and so you know how to do the problem for next time.  

GB112 is a challenging class, so it is important to be prepared for your exams. Good luck!

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