How to React When: Someone Doesn't Follow You Back on Instagram

Phew! What a long title! But every word is needed.


We have all been here. We finally have the confidence to follow a crush on Instagram. Now it is a waiting game to see if they follow you back.


But what if they don’t!!! Here’s how to handle your emotions when this happens.



1. Scream

Yes, we all need to let it out. Whether it’s out loud or into a pillow, you just might want to warn you roommates ahead of time.



2. Stalk them on instagram

If they were private and allowed you to follow them, you can now see all of the pictures. Just make sure not to accidentally like one of their old pics.



3. Debate unfollowing them

Of course you want your follower/following ratio to improve, however, if they didn’t follow you back this will only hurt the ratio. Give them a couple days and if they don’t follow you back it might be time to unfollow them. Just make sure you don’t immediately unfollow them. Give it some time and wait a couple weeks so they don’t know that you noticed that they didn’t follow you back.



4. Follow someone else

Find another cutie to follow; this could be someone you see on campus or even a celebrity. Don’t worry if they don’t follow you back, but if they do, cheers to you!



Hope these helped! Don’t take the follow back personally, you’ll eventually get over it and they totally are not worth your time. Watch out for my next article!




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