How to Have a Successful Relationship

College comes with a lot of difficulties, and dating is definitely one of them. Whether you’re looking for love on campus, trying to maintain a new relationship while adjusting to classes, or staying in your highschool or long-distance relationship, it can be really hard to have a successful relationship in college. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over two and a half years now, so here are some of my tips for having a successful relationship with your significant other!


Communicate Often

This is super cliche, but communication is key. When you’re busy with classes and club meetings throughout the day and have homework to crack down on at night, it’s really easy to forget to text, call, or FaceTime your significant other. However, it’s super important to communicate - even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time! Even a quick “Sorry I haven’t texted you much, I’ve been super busy” text can have a huge impact on your relationship; it lets your partner know that you’re busy but still thinking about them. I always try to let my boyfriend know if I have a busy day ahead of me, just so he knows why I might not text him often, and if I notice that I forgot to respond to something, I always make sure to apologize and explain that I was too busy! Being clear with each other in this way establishes respect and understanding in your relationship!


Prioritize Your Relationship

College comes with a lot of priorities: academics, physical health, mental health, and more. Between projects and exams, you should make sure that you prioritize your relationship as much as you reasonably can. Don’t let your relationship distract you from responsibilities like homework and jobs on campus, but also don’t forget to balance your academic life and your love life! You can prioritize your relationship by setting aside one night that neither of you have any classes and designating that night as your “date night.” My boyfriend and I try to make sure that we see each other every Tuesday and Thursday night since neither of us have evening classes those days, and we’ll usually only cancel if one of us has a prior commitment or if the weather is bad. Setting aside time to be with your significant other is a perfect way to prioritize your relationship, but if you’re in a long-distance relationship, a scheduled FaceTime call is a great alternative!


Surprise One Another

Who doesn’t love surprises? Surprising your significant other lets your partner know that you’re thinking of them and that they’re special! Some really nice ways to surprise your significant other are buying them gifts (big or small!), getting them flowers, writing them a sweet letter or note, and ordering or making them their favorite meal! For a small surprise, you can easily send your significant other a special “good morning” text letting them know that you appreciate them and miss them! My boyfriend will sometimes surprise me with a bouquet of flowers or a really long and sweet text letting me know that he loves me, and I usually surprise my boyfriend by buying him his favorite take-out for dinner!


Feel Comfortable With Each Other

In a new relationship, it’s completely normal to feel a little awkward around your significant other. As the two of you date for a longer amount of time and get to know each other more, this awkwardness should go away! It’s really important to feel comfortable with your significant other because it’s easier to have fun and make memories that way! It’s also really important to feel comfortable talking to your significant other so that problems and disagreements don’t just get swept under the rug. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a long time now, so I’m very comfortable around him and vice versa. Because of this, we are super open with each other and always confront each other when we’re upset or angry. This has proven to be much more effective than just letting problems go unsolved because we didn’t feel comfortable bringing them up. Feeling comfortable with your significant other also makes you feel extra warm and cozy around them!


Hopefully these relationship tips help your current or next relationship be longer, stronger, and happier! Of course everyone’s relationship is different, so make sure you and your significant other are doing what works for you two. There is no formula to a successful relationship, so don’t be afraid of a little trial-and-error with your partner! Relationships involve a lot of learning for both sides, so learn what works best for you!