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How to Get Over Him…. As Told By Blair Waldorf

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Retail Therapy is real.

Take a lot of pictures with your friends, so he knows what he is missing out on.

*Wasn’t the invention of snap stories for this?

Go to the bar with your friends.

And… if you see him, throw him a look.

Maybe even take a shot.


Be who you want to be.

And if all else fails, get under someone else.

But just feel free!


Hey all my name is Claudia Holub. I am currently a senior at Bentley university. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to country music and going on runs!
Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter.