HC Bentley Profile: Alina Minkova '22

Meet Alina Minkova:

An outgoing sophomore who loves making a difference and playing an active role here on Bentley’s campus!



Alina was born in Russia and moved to America at the age of six. She lived in Pennsylvania for a few years and then moved to her current home in Baldwinsville, NY.



Corporate Finance and Accounting



CIS and Spanish


Her Campus Bentley: What organizations are you involved in on campus?

Alina Minkova: I am a member of the Honors Program as well as the Women’s Leadership Program. I also am in the Bentley Microfinance Group and Kappa Delta. In addition to these organizations, I am a PMIT for Service Learning. As a PMIT, I am responsible for facilitating important discussions and reflections during my group’s service times. 


HCB: What do you love about Bentley?

AM: I love how motivated all the students are and the school’s “go-getter” culture. Everyone here is inspired and ready for the next challenge. I feel like this is a great environment for me to be successful. 


HCB: What is something that you are passionate about?

AM: I am passionate about making a difference little by little, which is one of the reasons why I decided to join Service Learning. 


HCB: Where is your favorite travel destination?

AM: Definitely somewhere in Spain. The culture in Toledo and Seville is great, and I love how secluded it is from the other more “touristy” parts of the country.


Fast Facts

Favorite movie: Titanic 

Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice 

Favorite food: Chicken parm from the Chateau in Waltham

Favorite workout: Roller blading

Hobby: Painting