The Great Cranberry Sauce Debate

Each year around Thanksgiving, the topic of what Thanksgiving foods we love and hate gets brought up. One food that always seems to bring up a lot of debate is cranberry sauce. Some people love it. Others despise it with a passion. I am one of those people who loves cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of cranberry sauce.


A Little History on Cranberry Sauce:

Cranberry sauce has been around for quite some time. It originated in 1912 in Hanson, Massachusetts – not too far from the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Ocean Spray started canning this delicious ready-to-serve cranberry sauce and the rest is Thanksgiving history. It is now a fixture at most Thanksgiving tables.


Reasons to love it

  • Cranberries are one of the only fruits to be native to North America – take pride in our cranberries!

  • There are so many ways to personalize it. Some people like to make their own and add orange or rosemary to it.

  • It’s a sweet dish compared to the rest of the savory Thanksgiving meals we usually have.


Reasons to hate it

  • Dislike the texture – why is it so chunky?

  • Thanksgiving is meant for vegetables, not fruit!

  • Cranberry sauce is way too sour


We decided to ask our Instagram followers what they thought. Here are the results:


It was a close race, but it seems like the people who dislike cranberry sauce have outnumbered those who love it. No matter if you’re one of the people who will race for the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, or avoid it like the plague, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! It only happens once a year!





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