Go-To Boots for the Winter

Go-To Boots for the Winter

With all of the snow that has hit the Northeast recently, every girl should buy a good pair of winter boots. Snow boots are not always the most fashionable shoes to wear but your feet and you will be happy and toasty with these. Whether you are walking to class, shoveling, or just playing in the snow they serve as both a fashion and a function boot!

1. Bean Boots from L.L. Bean

As a Bentley student, Bean Boots are all the rage as both men and women model this fashion. These boots will keep you warm all day in the snow and you will never want to take them off.


2. Sperry Duck Boots

The Sperry boots are similar to the L.L. bean duck boot, but have a little different look to them. I can personally attest to their style, comfort and warmth as I have worn mine every day since the first snowfall!


3. Timberland Boots

The next style has been seen worn by many guys, but has lately become more popular among girls as well. Timberland boots are super supportive and prevent you from slipping on the ice. They go perfectly with leggings and jeans and come in both high and low top.  


4. The classic snow boot

Finally, the last boot I recommend is the classic snow boot. There are so many styles to choose from so I will show you one of my favorites.  These are the warmest boots I have ever worn and when you are going to be out on the cold winter weather your feet will thank you for the comfort and warmth of the lining.






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