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Gift Ideas for All of The Wonderful People in Your Life

Ideas for Mom 

When buying a gift for my mom, I’ve always noticed that it really is the thought that counts. Consequently, I always make sure the gifts I get for my mom have meaning behind them.  

  • Jewelry (it doesn’t have to be too expensive) that is meaningful. Maybe it includes your mom’s birthstone, your birthstone, or some other feature that has special significance to the two of you. 

  • Her favorite candy or food. When do moms get spoiled and are given the chance to indulge? Almost never. Treat your mom to a gift that will make her feel appreciated. 

  • Something she actually needs. In the next month, pay attention to what your mother talks about. Did she mention she needs a new pair of sunglasses because hers just broke? Is she upset your brother knocked over her favorite flower vase? Getting her something she needs is not only practical, but it also shows that you care enough about her to truly listen. 

Ideas for Dad

Dads usually aren’t too picky about their gifts, but it’s still important to get them a present they will like so they know how much you care. They may pretend not to care what you get them before Christmas, but they will probably be the most excited out of everyone when they actually open your present on Christmas morning. 

  • Merch. Dads love merch. Whether it’s their favorite football team, your school, their school, or anything else, dads love to represent. Make sure your dad is geared up this year. 

  • Something related to their hobby. Everyone’s dad has some hobby or passion that they obsess over, and whatever it is definitely requires some sort of equipment. Does your dad love to golf? Get him cool covers for his golf clubs. Is your dad a professional chef with his grill? Maybe he needs a funny apron. Getting your father a present related to what he loves shows you care about him. 

  • Gift cards to his favorite restaurant. All dads love food, it’s just a fact. And most dads have either a certain type of food or a specific restaurant that is their favorite. Getting your dad a gift card to his favorite restaurant also serves as a future promise to spend time together since you obviously will be going with him – and that will be the part he appreciates the most. 

Ideas for a Sibling 

Siblings can be tricky to buy gifts for because everyone is different. Obviously, you know your brother/sister better than anyone else, but here are some suggestions based on what I’ve gotten my brother in the past. 

  • Funny gag gifts. My brother and I love to give presents that we know will make each other laugh. For example, one year my brother got me a giant inflatable cheeseburger. Don’t overthink whatever you end up buying your sibling, just use Christmas as an opportunity to bond and have fun. 

  • Clothes. Often, siblings are the family members that will be the most familiar with current trends. Picking out a cute clothing item that you know matches your brother/sister’s style shouldn’t be too difficult because you see what they wear every day. As long as they are not too young, most siblings should appreciate this gift. 

  • Tech. Our generation is by far the most tech-savvy and up to date on all things technology related. Pick out a cool case for your sibling’s phone or Air Pods. Buy them that wireless charger they’ve been wanting. If anyone is qualified to pick out new gadgets for your sibling, it’s probably you. 

Ideas for a Best Friend

No matter what you do, do NOT forget to buy a gift for your best friend this Christmas! They are always there for you all year, so make sure you don’t disappoint this holiday season. 

  • Makeup. You know your best friend well enough and you have probably gotten ready together enough times that you have a pretty good idea of what kind of makeup they wear. Most people will not buy others makeup as a gift because they are worried about getting the wrong product, color, brand, etc. Good thing you’re an expert on all things concerning your bestie! Buy her some refills of her favorite makeup products this Christmas so she’s not stressing on spending all her own money on makeup. 

  • Gift cards to your favorite coffee/food places. Do you and your best friend make a Dunks run literally every day? Do you have a favorite sushi place you hit every weekend? If so, get her a gift card to one of these places. This will show how much you value the time you guys spend together. 

  • Make her a cute decoration for her room/dorm. Just because you want to show your best friend some love this holiday season doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Make her a cute framed collage with pictures of you guys for her to hang in her room. If you’re artistically inclined, paint her a cute canvas with a design that will match her dorm. If your gift shows how much you value her friendship, you can’t go wrong. 

Ideas for a Boyfriend/Partner 

Are you in love with a special someone this holiday season? If so, you will need an extra special gift to express how you feel! Although picking out a gift for your partner can be stressful, it is important to show how much you care. 

  • Jewelry/accessories. Not to be stereotypical, but if your relationship is pretty serious, something classic and romantic such as jewelry or a similar accessory can send your desired message. Getting your partner jewelry shows how much you seriously care about them and how much you value your relationship. 

  • A fuzzy blanket/socks/Christmas pjs, etc. Is your relationship newer or more casual? Don’t worry, there are many appropriate gift options that you can still get your partner that aren’t overkill. Something festive such as matching Christmas pjs will get you and your partner in the holiday spirit in a fun way that doesn’t overwhelm them. 

  • A cute experience. Your gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a material item. Some of the most romantic gifts are actually intangible experiences. Plan a cute festive date for you and your partner such as going to look at Christmas lights or baking cookies together. Going the extra mile to spend quality time with your partner will make it clear how much you care about them and enjoy their company. 

The gift ideas from this article are just suggestions to help get you thinking about what you should get for your loved ones this holiday season. However, you know the important people in your life better than anyone else, so the most important thing is to use your own judgement. As long as you put in the thought and effort to show that you care, you can’t go wrong this holiday season. And most importantly, make sure to make it fun! 

I am a junior at Bentley University studying Corporate Finance and Accounting. I am a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and campus correspondent for Bentley's chapter of HerCampus. I also work as an intern at an accounting firm! When I’m not writing articles for HerCampus, you can find me in line at Dunkin’.
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