Four Girls, 400 Solo Cups: The Girls of Collins 403

Say hello to the beautiful ladies of Collins 403. Meet Stephanie, Molly, Monika, and Anna. You may have seen these broads around campus, but only when they crawl down to Dunkin Donuts. The cozy room of Collins 403 is home to many Mixie Mondays, Trying to Make Tacos Tuesdays, Whine About 402 Wednesdays, and the occasional BYOB (Bring Your Own Boyz) Saturday ragers. In the pic below, from left to right you'll find Molly, Anna, Steph, and Monika. 


Her Campus Bentley: So how do you all know each other?

Molly: Well, Monika was in my Expos class Sophomore year, but Steph invited her to go to AEPi with us. Monika was late so I really wanted to ditch her and have her meet us in the shuttle room, but then Steph made me wait for her.

Steph: So then we bonded at the fraternity about not being involved in anything on campus. I met Molly in GB110 (Editor’s note: I was in this class and sat right next to them, but heard *things* about them so I didn’t associate) and we ended up really bonding on a couch outside of Seasons.

Anna: I met Monika in Australia after we jumped in the ocean together at 3am. I met the other two when they graciously offered hospitality to me for Spring semester Junior year.

Monika: Molly and I met in Expos, as she said, and we bonded over the fine booty of one of our peers.


HCB: Give me your age, nickname, dominant hand, favorite kind of cheese, and whether or not you want our readers to add you on Linkedin.

Steph: 22, Mama, Right, Goat, Yes.

Molly: 21, Milk, Right, my favorite is gouda *says in a raspy voice*, absof*cking-looottley.

Anna: 21, Nana, Left, Cheddar, What? Sure.

Monika: Freshly 21, Mole, Right, Anything but gorgonzola, no add me on snapchat (slenderwoman)


HCB: What is each of your hidden talent?

Molly: Tap dancing

Steph: Being outrageously dyslexic

Monika: Getting hurt (usually at social gatherings)

Anna: Making bomb mac and cheese


HCB: Tell me your favorite place to hang on campus other than your room?

Steph: On the bench that overlooks Gloria’s pond

Molly: I don't hang out on campus, you can probably find me at my local Arby's. WE HAVE THE MEATS.

Monika: The green couches on the top floor of the student center

Anna: The greenspace

HCB: Where on campus was your favorite place to live?

Steph: Collins for sure

Molly: Collins

Monika: Fenway (big window)

Anna: Collins


HCB: Where would you guys live (anywhere in the world) if you had nothing holding you back?

Steph: Bali. But only for 6 months, to learn how to surf.

Molly: Anywhere but Waltham. 

Monika: Australia

Anna: Australia  


HCB: If you could smell like any seafood, which edible underwater sea creature would you choose to reek of for the rest of your life?

Steph: Hmm, I would want to smell like a crab. I feel like crabs don't smell too bad because of their exoskeleton… I’m a marine biology major. Add ranch too.

Molly: Salmon

Monika: Salmon with french dressing

Anna: Lobster. I love lobster.

HCB: How long do you think you could keep a tamagotchi alive for?

Steph: Oh, um, I kept one alive for 3 years. I’m really good with tamagotchis. But right now, probably 4 days, i have a lot less time to take care of a little one.

Molly: I’ve never had one, so 0 days.

Monika: I’ve kept one alive for 5 months! Right now, I could fully commit to 3 weeks, and it would form into a fully functioning adult with a full time job and a kid on the way.

Anna: What the h*ll is a tamagotchi?


HCB: What’s the last thing you google searched?

Steph: wendy’s waltham address

Molly: what is a tamagotchi?

Monika: downeast brewery tour

Anna: securitization


HCB: What are the dorm room superlatives you would assign each other?

Monika: Molly is the Milkiest

Molly: I’m the most anal (about dirty dishes), Monika is the dirtiest

Steph: Anna is a ray of sunshine.


HCB: That’s not exactly what I meant, think high school yearbook superlatives…

Steph: Anna would get nicest eyes

Monika: Biggest booty

Mike Dejesus (who was in the room): Steph is most likely to fall in love at first sight

Anna: Molly will be the most likely to marry rich


HCB: What would you put in the Collins 403 sandwich?

Steph: Meat and ranch

Monika: Double ranch and lots of cheese, and vodka sauce minus the sauce

Molly: Yeah lots of cheese, and 42 Coogan’s bud lights, and a squash

Anna: To pair the sandwich, a vodka soda minus the soda


HCB: What’s your favorite 3am activity:

Molly: Hanging with DKEEEEE

Steph: Watching Summer Heights High

Anna: Making the long walk home

Monika: Playing Mortal Combat with the DKErs


HCB: Describe your life in a movie:

Steph: The Purge 3 or Bloody Sunday (only real 403-ers will get this)

Monika: Shrek 2

Molly: Girl Who Thinks Everything Will Work Out But Doesn’t Apply For Jobs and Never Tries

Anna: Bridesmaids (the airplane scene)


HCB: Most commonly used phrase in 403:

Molly: Take your top off

Anna: Get out of the Bathroom

Steph: I’m broken

Monika: Let’s blackout


HCB: Are you in a relationship?

Steph: In a complicated relationship with alcohol

Monika: Met a man last weekend and we eloped

Anna: Looking for love in all the Waltham bars

Molly: I don't know.   


HCB: Any last words?

Steph: I want everyone to know, once we all threw cake at each other and i think it’s really funny. Laugh with me.