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Nails have become the ultimate accessory this past year. Here are some nail designs that I think will be this season’s trends!

The color of the season is brown. Everyone will rock a brown nail design with every outfit this season. 

Traditional French tips are out and colored French tips are in – more specifically, brown French tips with an extra line across the middle of the nail are the look if you’re going for extra pizzazz!

Ombre nails are back and sophisticated! Whether it is just the tips or the whole nail, having a lighter shade of brown leading to a darker shade at the thumb or pinky is such a subtle yet fun look!

Brown and white abstract designs with squared acrylics will be the ultimate look for our nails.

With spooky season approaching, ghosts and skeletons have been the “ghoulest” nail design. 

A colorful set with a different design for each fingernail is so eccentric and colorful for a duller season!

70s print designs have been very popular lately, so using autumn tones like brown and orange with circular flowers on them definitely capture the fall aesthetic.

Which nail trend is your favorite?

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Nubya Filho

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Hey, Y'all! My name is Nubya, I am a sophomore at Bentley and am majoring in marketing with a minor in global management! My favorite things to do are reading, hiking, and traveling.
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