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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

When the transition between seasons approaches, there is only one thing this could mean for any girl: an excuse for a new wardrobe. With the fall season beginning, I’m here to give you some advice on what your next purchases should be. Add these five “it girl” pieces to your cart ASAP!

Anything Cherry Red

If there is one color that your wardrobe should include this fall, it’s cherry red. This color is truly versatile; it suits and compliments any fashion enthusiast. Cherry red isn’t your typical vibrant shade of red. Rather, it’s a deep color that accentuates power and playfulness that will take any outfit to another level. You can keep your outfits neutral while adding this perfect addition of color to transform your look and separate yourself. Whether it’s a jacket, shoulder bag, or boots, this color will allow you to make a statement during a time many consider as drab.


A “good” outfit always comes down to the small details; it’s about how you compliment your look and one of those areas to capitalize on is accessories. Accessorize your looks this fall with bows. Bows bring out a feminine, soft side to your style. I like to include a bow when I wear my hair half-up, half-down. However, don’t assume that bows have to be for just your hair. Consider adding bows to your shoes and even jeans. Exchange your shoelaces with ribbon or tie a bow to your belt loops on your bottoms. Bows are so effortless, so go to your local craft store, buy a variety, and tie them up! 


Fall gets a bad rap from those who see it as “blah” and depressing as the weather starts to change. Colder weather usually means covering up or wearing layers that conceal us. To resist this norm, look to add some skin to your style. Nothing scandalous, trust me. What I mean is to try to include off-the-shoulder pieces during the fall. This sleeve length is very subtle and classic. It makes fall wear no longer boring. Wear this piece with or without jewelry and any bottom of your choosing. One thing I can guarantee that off-the-shoulder tops can give us females is confidence, so wear this piece as if you are on the runway.

Kitten Heels

I may have to admit that if there’s just one fall fashion trend I love the most and am obsessed with, it’s kitten heels. It’s a step up from your simple flat shoe but is still practical for wearing, unlike a typical heel. They can be worn in any setting, from going out to pair with your matching set or dress to a pair of baggy blue jeans. You can splurge and buy a pair of vintage ones or maintain a budget and purchase from your typical women’s clothing brand like MANGO. If you want to scream dainty and mature, try adding a pair of kitten heels to your shoe rack.

Maxi-Length Skirts

If you haven’t noticed the overall trend of fall fashion yet, it is on the edge of classy and conservative. Maxi-length skirts are just that this fall. Whether it’s a denim or satin maxi skirt, this piece of clothing can make any outfit look “chic.” Maxi-length skirts are also extremely adaptable as you can pair them with anything from a casual sweater or sweatshirt to an elegant blouse. Try to replace your “go-to leggings” with maxi-length skirts during the fall in order to elevate your style.

My name is Alyssa and I am from Connecticut. I'm currently a Freshman at Bentley University planning to study Finance. When I’m not writing, you can catch me working out, reading, online shopping, or being a foodie.