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Extremely Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Either you’ve missed the signs that Halloween is tonight, or you decided last minute that you don’t like your costume and now have nothing to wear, check out the following super-last-minute costume ideas to get you through the night:


Chances are you have a black (or dark blue) dress somewhere in your closet. Tape a few stars, lines and dots (printer paper/tissue paper/toilet paper – at this point who cares) to your bod and suddenly you’re the little dipper. Grab a lost roommate and make her be the big dipper.

All black errythang:

Black top, black jeans, black boots and BAM you’re a ninja... Or a hipster… or add some ears and you’re a black cat, hey you can even call yourself a black hole and suck up all the drinks that come your way.

"Cowgirl" (aka Sexy Southern Girl @ the Bar):

Alright, this is more “southern girl at a bar” than authentic cowgirl, but we don’t have much to work with here. Slip on a plaid shirt (tie it up if you’re going for that slutty Halloween look), a pair of cutoffs and cowboy boots and you have yourself a last minute costume!

Bentley Dad:

Stop by the bookstore before it closes and buy a Bentley Dad t-shirt. The rest is up to you. Does your dad have a mustache? Beer belly? Does he wear khakis or jeans? Dad it up!

Sports persona:

Jersey, leggings, and black under-eye paint (eyeliner).

Ghost or Tissue:

Clean sheet = ghost, dirty sheet = used tissue. If you’re not looking to go sexy, then this would be an easy route to go down.

Mary Poppins:

White button down, black skirt, black tights, black booties, red lipstick. I’m assuming that’s all you have, but if you have a hat and red bowtie, even better. Don’t want to bring around an umbrella that you’ll most definitely lose? Tape a picture of an umbrella to the back of your phone case.

“I’m Hot”:

Print out a big version of the fire emoji and stick it on your stomach. When someone asks who you are, just say you’re hot ;).

Cookie Lyon:

You’ll only know who this is if you watch Empire, and this will only be successful if you own something animal print (which I hope you all do). With that animal print, a faux fur vest (if you don’t have one, and your roommate doesn’t either, swing by TJ Maxx down the street), heels, hoops and some bright lipstick you’ll be set for the night. People might recognize you as a streetwalker, but hey, that works too.

Some more include…. Real-life tinder (some more printer paper and a sparkling personality), white trash (wife beater and overload of eye-lip liner – or a white trash bag, you pick), or hey, be a sexy kitty. 

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Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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