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Is it real? Will it help me find a man this fall?

You might read the title of the article, and think to yourself: “What even is a red nail theory?” Or, if you do know what it is, you might be questioning whether or not it’s real.

This theory originated on TikTok, and the word is that if you have your nails done the color red, you are more likely to attract a potential bae. Multiple influencers/creators who have hopped on the trend of getting their nails painted the color red have claimed that they receive so many more compliments when wearing red nails. Some are even saying that men are so attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their mothers. Using the #RedNailTheory has earned some creators up to 21.1 million views on their videos. Girls are using these red nails as a manifestation period this fall.

Although this idea of using a nail color to attract potential suitors and manifest anything you want is completely farfetched, I wonder if its real. There could be multiple underlying reasons for red being an attractive nail color. Well, for one, red is way brighter than a light pink, or neutral shade. Additionally, red has been seen as a symbol of desire and sensuality for a long time, so that could be why your red nails are attracting compliments. Finally, a survey conducted by Jacklyn Bloemker from Spray Perfect Nail Polish revealed that 43% of men viewed red as a color that symbolized passion, and that 1/3 of survey participants viewed those who chose to wear red nail paint as passionate and romantic. The verdict is in…I’d say the Red Nail Theory rings true, and I love that there is an explanation behind it!

BRB while I go paint my nails red!!!!!

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