Ever Considered Joining HC Bentley?

Are you looking to join another club or activity next year? Do you like to write about things that interest you? Then Her Campus Bentley is perfect for you! We are looking for more writers and would love to have you! Her Campus Bentley is one of the campus chapters underneath the Her Campus Nationals organization, and there are college campuses all across the country with their own chapters.

Writing for Her Campus Bentley is a great experience because you get to bond with others who love writing just as much as you do. We are a group of hard working students who believe that creative expression is important even at a business school. We write about any topics that interest us; in the past this has included current events, crafts, recipes, activities to do in nearby Boston, and things happening at Bentley, just to name a few. You can write about your favorite Netflix show, about how much you love dogs, or even about why chocolate is the best food on earth - we appreciate all articles! If you are concerned about your writing skills, don't be - our skilled editors take care of fixing articles before they are posted!

Writing for HC Bentley is a flexible activity because you are free to submit articles when you have time. Our meetings are short and fun, with lots of team bonding! We also receive a lot of free goodies from Her Campus Nationals, which are distributed at meetings. In the past this has included makeup, food, hairspray, razors, lotion, facemasks, and notebooks, just to name a few. 

Her Campus Bentley is also a great resume builder! Employers love to see students who have a strong background in writing, and many of our contributers have been asked about writing for HC Bentley in interviews.

We are constantly trying to improve our chapter, and hope that you will join us in writing articles and making HC Bentley the best that it can be. If you are interested in joining us, please come check us out at the Bentley activities fair next fall and keep an eye out for our emails. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].