The End of the Semester, as Told by "Elf"

As the last few fleeting days of the semester dawn upon us, it’s easy to feel vanquished amidst the impending quizzes, papers, and exams that we’re amassing. As we become engulfed in what’s sure to be a swirling escapade of emotions, we can look to our favorite elf to lend us a vital pick-me-up of holiday cheer. In this academically arduous time of the year, we should all take a note from Buddy the Elf: keep your chin up and your eye on the prize—the prize, of course, being the forthcoming holiday season!


Your momentary coffee-high after overdosing on espresso to stay awake and continue studying


The profound mental anguish after your professor assigns a last-minute paper or quiz just before finals week


Your provisional panic attack upon realizing the obscene amount of assignments that you’re accruing over the last few days of class


Questioning your ability to retain any information having procrastinated studying for so long


Rewarding yourself with a much-needed and well-deserved snack break after studying for what’s felt like eons


The studying-induced migraine that we’re all bound to incur at some point or another


The motivational pep-talk you’ll have to give yourself as you buckle down and try to focus 


Finally wrapping up your conclusion on that seemingly endless term paper you’ve been dreading


The cathartic goodbye that you issue your professor after a scathingly difficult final


Basking in the pride and satisfaction of having finished all of your finals—taking solace in the fact that you’re finally heading home for the holidays



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