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Emily’s Wednesday Matinee: Opening in April

April is here! I’m not quite sure where March went, but it has come and gone. April promises to have some beautiful, springtime days, but April showers do bring May flowers. What better way to spend your rainy April days than at the movies?! Here is a list of some of the great movies opening this month!

Captain America: The Winter Solider (April 4, 2014)

Steve Rogers continues on his journey as an American soldier decked out with some impressive super powers. Continuing on his journey, Captain American joins forces with the Black Widow and a new ally. Rogers must expose an intricate conspiracy while going up against a new enemy, the Soviet agent, The Winter Soldier. Plus, who doesn’t absolutely love Chris Evans?

Draft Day (April 11, 2014)

One of Kevin Costner’s new films, Draft Day, follows the GM of the Cleveland Browns, Sonny Weaver (Costner), as he struggles to save his team by trading for the number one NFL draft pick. Lines between professional and personal become blurred as Weaver makes quick decisions on a day that changes the lives of a few hundred NFL hopefuls.


The Railway Man (April 11, 2014)

Based off a true story, The Railway Man stars Colin Firth as Eric Lomax, a haunted man, who struggles with a need for revenge against those who tortured him during World War II and the construction of the “Death Railway.” Lomax sets out on a journey to find the man responsible for his ghostly past while his wife, Patricia Wallace (Nicole Kidman) straddles the line between accepting her husband’s mission and what is morally right.


Transcendence (April 17, 2014)

Johnny Depp portrays Artificial Intelligence scientist Dr. Will Caster. After being shot by anti-technology extremists, his mind is downloaded into a computer where he participates in his own transcendence. His mind is set free, and his thirst for knowledge quickly turns into a ever-present thirst for power. Will he be able to be stopped?


The Other Woman (April 25, 2014)

From the director of The Notebook and My Sister’s Keeper, The Other Woman follows three women as they seek revenge on a man they have all been involved with. Joining forces, the wife, the past flame, and the current flavor seek revenge on the one man who betrayed them all. The Other Woman promises to be a quirky comedy starring Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Man.



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