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DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life #ThanksPinterest

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Holiday gift giving can come with a steep price tag, and as college students, sometimes that just isn’t an option. Thankfully Pinterest has our back in providing us with easy DIY gift ideas for everyone we care about. With exams and just the general craziness of college life, sometimes finding the right gift for the right person can be just as stressful as our impending GPAs. So this holiday season, Her Campus has you covered with the perfect DIY gift giving guide for all your holiday needs. Roll up your sleeves little elves, because it’s time to get crafting!

For the Coffee Lover: Coffee Gift Basket

Everybody knows someone who is just as addicted to caffeine as the Gilmore Girls, especially in college. So for this gift you can start out by decorating a box or basket and then filling it up with their favorite coffee beans (or K-Cups), along with creamer, sugar, and some fun holiday add-ins. This can include candy canes and cinnamon sticks to stir the coffee with, holiday-themed coffee cups, and maybe some sugar cookies to go with their steamy mugs of goodness.

For the Tea Lover: Tea Tree

This gift is so inexpensive yet cute and creative. All you need is a paper towel roll, hot glue, and some ribbon. Glue the tea bags to the cardboard paper towel roll, starting with more bags at the bottom and progressively less as you get closer to the top to make a tree shape. Decorate the top of the “tree” with some ribbon to finish off your creation!

For the One With the Sweet Tooth: Hot Chocolate Ornaments

This is the last “hot beverage” one, I promise, but I mean, who doesn’t love hot drinks in the winter? This one is my personal favorite: hot chocolate in a Christmas ornament. You can buy plain glass ornaments at the craft store, unscrew the top, and fill it with hot coca mix, marshmallows, and whatever else you desire– go crazy!

For the Boyfriend: Countdown to Christmas Box

This really depends on how long you’ve been together, but a DIY advent calendar can be tailored to your specific relationship. I took a shoebox, wrapped it in some festive paper and then drew on a Christmas tree. Inside I filled it with letters, mini gifts, and candy for each day leading up to Christmas. Day 25 (Christmas Day!) is when you can give him his main gift, which you can either make or buy.

For the Guy You’re “Talking To”: Snowman Candy Bars

So you obviously don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but you and me both know whatever you get him says a lot about what this “relationship” means to you. I say keep it small but cute. Buy a normal candy bar and wrap it in white paper, then decorate it to look like a snowman!

For Mom: Slipper Spa Day

Mom: the one you can always call to rant to and who will always pick you up when you’re down. She needs to relax too, so this year for Mom, make her an at-home spa day basket! Take a pair of slippers and fill them with lotions, bath salts, chocolates, nail polish, and whatever else Mom loves. Don’t forget to wrap it all up in a bow!

For Dad: Tee-Filled Mason Jar

For the father that loves to golf, decorate a mason jar and fill it with tees and ball markers. He can keep it in the cup holder on the golf cart or on his desk for decoration.

For the BestieSsister: Homemade Bath Bombs and Lip Scrub

Because aren’t they one in the same? Make your sister and/or bestie a homemade bath bomb or lib scrub. Lush and other competitors get expensive, so try making your own! Not only will it be a fun-filled afternoon or night, but you’ll be able to brag to all your gal pals about your superior bath bomb making skills! The internet is filled with recipes that are infused with different oils and flowers. Pick a recipe and get mixing!

For Your Furry Friend (AKA the Real Bestie): Homemade Dog Treats

Let’s be honest– your dog is your best friend. I know it, you know it, we all know it. So treat your dog right this season with some homemade treats! Here’s a recipe I found online.*

For the People You Don’t Know if You Should Give Anything To: Candy Sleigh

The people you feel like you have to give something to… we all know them. Buy some candy and make them a candy sleigh! Very inexpensive, yet festive and thoughtful.


Happy crafting and happy holidays, and to all a goodnight!

*Disclaimer: I have not made the dog treat recipe and therefore cannot vouch for its success or failure.


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Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter.